The 14th International Conference in Sydney, Australia

July 21 -24 2019

ICTPPO-2019 will be of interest to biochemists, biophysicists, spectroscopists, microbiologists, plant biologists and organic chemists who study tetrapyrroles and their diverse roles in photosynthesis, respiration, catalysis, and development in photosynthetic organisms. The conference will provide a unique opportunity to showcase your latest research, discoveries and new techniques and developments on tetrapyrrole photoreceptors in photosynthetic organisms. Nine sessions will cover the structure and functions of tetrapyrrole-based systems in photosynthetic organisms (from prokaryotes to eukaryotes). We hope to create a platform for all of you to exchange research updates, discuss the challenges, promote collaborations, and also the opportunities for early- and middle-career researchers to build their connections and networks.


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Professor Min Chen (University of Sydney)

Professor Robert Willows (Macquarie University)

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Conference Venue: Kirribilli Club, Milsons Point, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia